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Hey there! I’m Alex, and I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to ice cream.

My tummy thanks me for it – my conscience does not. I could go on about the passion I hold for moose tracks and french silk, but you’re not here to read about my frozen dairy dessert dilemma. You’re here on a quest to find the best wedding photographer for you. So why bother mentioning it? Read on and I’ll tell you:

“Anything but weddings.”

It was my standard answer whenever people asked me what I wanted to do with my photography. Chances are, you’ve already run into “those” photographers who tell you they started their epic voyage of wedding photography with their dad’s old camera back when they were two, and knew it was their destiny to make you look beautiful and capture your love with their camera (kinda weird). I’ll be honest: I never dreamed of photographing somebody’s wedding.

I wanted to be an architect until I was 17. I developed a knack for photography in highschool but my favorite subjects were Lucy and Jackson (my fluffy kitties), not brides. I had heard horror stories of bridezillas and evil in-laws, so I figured I’d be just fine taking snapshots at home, until a friend was in a pinch and needed a second shooter for a wedding she was covering. So I shot my first wedding.

Then second.

Then third.

And before I knew it, I made a liar out of myself: I loved photographing weddings, and it became my regular job.

My goal has always been telling your story with my photos in thoughtfully crafted images. It’s more than documentation. It’s more than photojournalism. It’s integrating your personalities into the surroundings of your wedding: fine art.

But enough about me – I want to hear about you! After all: without you, there’d be no wedding, and with no wedding, there’s a high probability I’d be at home feeding my frozen dairy dessert addiction on weekends instead of taking pretty photos. Tell me about your engagement. Your fluffy kitties. Your favorite ice cream flavor. It’s all part of your story, and I want to hear it.


To lean more about collection pricing and availability, tell me about your amazing wedding day below and we’ll get in touch super soon! The most important part of your wedding photography is our relationship as we work together, and it all starts with the first time we get in touch!

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