Fine Art, Pricing, and FAQ's


Our style involves creating a cohesive piece of art – it goes far beyond just documenting your special day. We don’t take snapshots. We don’t take stiff and posed portraits. Instead our photos have life and emotion to them with your distinctive style. We create images that showcase the excitement, exhilaration, romance, and love of your wedding day.


Wedding collections with two photographers and high-resolution JPEG images start at $4,000, with options for albums, engagement sessions, and more.

All of our pricing is done on an individual basis: that means you get everything you want, and nothing you don’t, for a fair price that’s tailored to you! It’s our philosophy that you should receive the best wedding photos possible – it would kill us to see you get anything less because your budget is slightly different from what our collections include. This being said, we do need to keep the lights on and eating ramen noodles every night isn’t the most appealing way to live.

For detailed pricing information, fill out the quick contact form, or drop me a line at 610.209.2233.


Shooting Style:

How do you get the photos you do?

We’re never going to stop you in the middle of your wedding for a photo. We’re here to create tangible memories from your wedding – not to control what you do. But we will help you look the best you can, and take some time in our schedule to get you away from the hustle and  bustle of all the guests for those special newlywed photos.

Will we still get normal family photos?

You bet! We’ll talk about what posed family photos you want before your wedding – different groupings, timing, and how to keep your day running smoothly.

I think I understand the “fine art” approach better now. Can I still request shots to be taken?

To a certain extent, yes. We think it’s important you get the photos you want, but using a grocery list of shots throughout the entire wedding makes capturing the emotions of your day difficult – if you’re thinking about the cameras in our hands all day, it’s hard to focus on your wedding.

How We Work:

Do you do engagement sessions?

We love engagement sessions! They’re a wonderful way to get to know you before your wedding and for you to get comfortable in front of the camera. They typically last an hour and a half to two hours, at a location of your choice. Of course we always have our recommendations, but the best locations are ones you have history at.

Do you have a second shooter?

Always. We believe it’s important to have a second set of eyes taking photos to give different perspectives we might miss while working on a shot. More importantly though, it allows us to cover all parts of the wedding. When photographers work alone, things get skipped over – the groom getting ready, cocktail hour, your reaction to the best man’s speech. It’s also insurance: anything can (and Mr. Murphy tells us it does) happen. Having a second shooter assures that a shot is never missed.

Who second shoots for you?

We take pride in shooting with award-winning professional Philadelphia wedding photographers to cover your wedding. We’ve developed professional relationships with these photographers by shooting for each other, thus providing you with only the best in wedding photography (no interns here). If you’d like the names of them please contact us.


Delivering the Photos:

Can make prints of my photos?

Absolutely. We do offer printing services, because the quality of consumer photos labs is often sub-par to the labs we have access to as working professionals. We can also offer a wider range of products than what’s available to consumers. But most importantly, with our work comes our expertise: we can advise you on which photos will work best in print, what medium to print the photos on, size, and placement.

Can I get the unedited photos?

These files are not available for viewing or purchase. Delivering the raw photos does not reflect our style or very high standard.

The Album:

Will we get an album?

Every collection we offer includes a hardcover, thick-paged wedding album – no flimsy “photo books” here!

What does the album look like?

Our most popular albums include a leather cover in a color of your choice, with thick pages. We offer three types of albums: modern, traditional, and fine art. Modern albums have the photos printed directly on the pages, similar to a coffee table book you’d see at a bookstore. Traditional albums use mats to frame your images  on the page, so the photos and pages are separate. The images are printed on photographic paper, and it lends to a very classic and timeless look. Fine art albums are beautifully crafted books made by Névé, hand-sewn, hand-lettered, and covered in linen. Your photos are printed on fine art cotton rag paper, with vellum between pages. We take pride in being on the of the select artists invited to the Névé family.

Can I see an album or two before I book?

You bet! In your in-person consultation we bring samples of different albums which you can flip through and feel to get an idea of what yours will be like.

Other Stuff:

Can I see photos of your fluffy kitties?

There are three of them: Lucy is whiny, Jackson thinks he’s a dog, and Dolly’s fat. But they all are photogenic (when they want to be), so I have a plethora of photos for viewing.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

It’s hard to say. I love moose tracks and cookies and cream, but french silk speaks to me as well. Vanilla and chocolate are always welcome to my (very large) ice cream bowl though.

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To lean more about collection pricing and availability, tell me about your amazing wedding day below and we’ll get in touch super soon! The most important part of your wedding photography is our relationship as we work together, and it all starts with the first time we get in touch!

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