New Website (woohoo!)

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We’re on the new website!

Tadaaaa! The new website’s live!! (finally) Currently, our old site is still up while we move over all the files and sort out domain names with our web host, but we’re nearly there. Personally, I’m pretty proud of it. It certainly took enough time, and a lot of self-teaching on the glories of coding. I’m a photographer – not a web designer. As is such, there may be some bugs or glitches. If you find any, PLEASE let me know by shooting an <a title="email" href="mailto:[email protected] site pour du”>email over.

In the mean time, take a look around, peruse the pretty wedding photos, and give us some feedback. If you like what you see, tell us. If you don’t, definitely tell us! We’re here for you, and want to make your experience on our site a smooth and pleasant one.