Caitlyn + Eric • Tyler Arboretum Wedding

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Have you ever been to the wedding of a speech therapist and a graphic designer? If so, you probably saw something similar to Caitlyn + Eric’s Tyler Arboretum Wedding: elegant, eloquent, and perfectly styled. But before we dive in to the wedding itself, let’s take a moment to talk about our awesome couple! Sleeping and the beach: the two things Caitlyn told me she loves most during our first phone call. Look at the former, and it comes as no surprise that Eric’s sunrise-proposal plans got nixed, and they got engaged at the beach in bed on Caitlyn’s birthday (adorable). After seven years, they’ve tied the knot in a fashion that was a perfect fit for their personalities. When we first met, it was clear Caitlyn and Eric had a fun, casual wedding in mind and they achieved that spectacularly!

Caitlyn got ready at her parent’s house before heading over to St. Mary Magdelen for the ceremony, while Eric got ready across town. At the church, the minister shared the reasons why Eric and Caitlyn felt they were meant for each other and it was:
1) unexpected – they thought the letters were private
2) so endearing
3) hilarious

Turns out they’re both phenomenal writers, and will make your heart melt quicker than a Nicholas Sparks film.

After they sealed their marriage with a kiss, we then headed over to Tyler Arboretum for cocktails, photos, and an awesome reception with terrific food from the every-wonderful Jeffery A. Miller. Having a Tyler Arboretum wedding means endless photo opportunities, and we did our best to take advantage of that without our couple missing their amazing cocktail hour! Did I mention Eric was in charge of the details? Graphic designer = wedding details master. Everything from their wedding Mad Libs and their sweet menus to the amazing invitations with 3D save the dates (yeah. 3D. With glasses. It’s every bit as cool as you’re imagining it) and book-themed centerpieces was special. But enough of me yabbering on and on – go see for yourself! Eric and Caitlyn were so, so easy to work with and we had a lot of fun on their wedding day! They just got back from an envy-inducing St. Lucia honeymoon, and I can’t wait to see what their futures hold!

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Invitations & Paper: Ezoteric (the groom!!) | Florist: Marianne Coffey for Flora Bella | Hair & Makeup: Blush Salon | Dress: David’s Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal | Shoes: TOMS | Jewelry: Macy’s | Groom’s Suit: Saget’s Formal Wear | Groom’s Shoes: Cole Haan

Catering: Jeffery A. Miller | Coordination: Angela Dilella for JAM

Photography: Schon Photography | Ceremony: St. Mary Magdalen Parish | Portraits and Reception: Tyler Arboretum | Film: Fuji PRO 400H | Film Lab: Indie Film Lab